Even taking a shower on regular basis doesn’t clean your body completely. There is a certain body part which has over 67 species of bacteria accumulated on daily basis.

During daytime, we tend to bring into the house numerable micro-organisms with our clothes, hair, and skin. The shower is the first thing we do in order wash our body and get rid of the dirt.

Unfortunately, even though you have taken a shower and washed your hair, there is a part of the body which remains dirty, just as if you haven’t got out of the shower. That part is basically unapproachable and bacteria tend to multiply there. We are talking about the BELLY BUTTON.

The belly button retains hairs, lotions, soap, dead skin cells and sweat, mainly due to its shape and it is the best place for development of microorganisms. In case you don’t wash the belly button properly and thoroughly, you are very likely to experiences some health problems, such as an infection.

According to a survey, the belly button contains 67 different types of bacteria, regardless of the frequency of taking a shower. Read on and learn how to clean the belly button properly, with the help of an ear stick.


-Take an ear stick and soak it in medical alcohol. Clean the belly button with the stick, prior taking a shower.

-Again, take a clean ear stick and soak in the shower gel you normally use. Clean the belly button just as the first time.

-Rinse with warm water and dry with a towel.

Outie Navel

The outie navel doesn’t require any specific procedure, as it doesn’t have hardly approachable parts. Just soak a cotton cloth in the shower gel your normally use and rub the belly button.  Rinse with warm water and dry with a towel.

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