Most women tend to suffer from bad odors down there but are embarrassed to seek help! 
We have here some ways for you to say goodbye to the foul odor down there!

Most women are spending tons of money to improve the way they look. Most of the products that they are buying includes cosmetics, waxing creams an lotions. They are also spending time buying products to take care of their private parts. 

But here are the more affordable ways on how you can take care of the private parts:

1. Garlic

- It is a knwon anti-biotic and it is indeed anti-fungal. Just eat at least one or two cloves in an empty stomach followed by a glass of warm water. 

2. Probiotics

- It helps keep the tummy healthy and eliminates the odor in the vagina. 

3.  Tea tree oil 

- Mix a few drops of this into water and apply it using a cotton. This is a great antiseptic. 

4. White Vinegar and Sea Salt 

- It neutralizes the odor as well as breaks down the odor proteins. Mix half cup of sea salt into the half cup of vinegar and ad it to your water when taking a bath. 

5.  Baking Soda 

- Add half a cup of baking soda in the bath water and dry the private area afterwards

6. Apple Cider Vinegar

- Take a mixture of 1-2 tbsp and mix it with water. 

7. Nuts an Seeds

- It has Vitamin E which will prevent the dryness in the private areas. 

8. Neem Bark Extract

- It maintains the balance in the intestinal flora. This can be taken in a tablet form to fight off the bacteria. 

9. Water

- A person needs to be well-dehydrated so that the membrane of the private part functions properly. 

10. Fruits and vegetables

- Take in a lot of fruits an vegetables to improve the immune system and have a healthier private part. 

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