According to many reports, the rice we buy isn’t real. In an Asian country was found that there is a massive production of fake rice. It was shown in the news, with proof found from the investigation, but people did not believe it.

It was first found in China, then India and Vietnam. Nowadays, it can be also found in Europe and Indonesia, but isn’t present yet in the U.S. This kind of rice is almost the same as the real one and you cannot make a difference between them. But this kind is making a lot of problems in the stomach.

It can cause serious digestive problems. You can solve the problems if you don’t eat it every day. It was written in some news that it is made of potatoes and synthetic rest. Some claim that there are other chemicals in it. This rice can be found in the markets and you won’t make a difference. The markets in Malesia have serious product control and this kind of rice is almost impossible to be found.

How to know which one you are buying?

Well, that is hard. But, you can see the difference while cooking it. If it has the same shape when boiled as it has been before, than it is fake rice. The real rice changes it form. You can also sense its smell of a plastic when you take it in your hands.

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