You probably do not know but PLU stickers on fruit can tell you everything about the potential toxic history of the product.

PLU codes are price look-up number, can tell you much more about the fruit and those meaningless digits can tell you all about the fruit’s pesticide treatment or its genetic modification.

If you check the PLU codes, you can find out if the fruit was organically grown, produced with chemical herbicides, fertilizers or fungicides or it is genetically modified. Don’t be surprised if you some “organic” products turns out to be with dirty secret.

Here something more about PLU codes:

5-digit PLU code starting with number 3 means that the products is electronically pasteurized.

If the PLU code has 4 digits and starts with a 3 or 4, it means that the product is grown “traditionally”, with using some pesticides. The last 4 numbers of the PLU code are indication of what fruits it is. For example, bananas are labeled with 4011 code.

PLU code beginning with 5 is symbol for pre-cut fruits and vegetables.

If the PLU code has 5 numbers, and it starts with 8, this means that the product is genetically modified. This means that this fruit or vegetable is grown from genetically modified seeds.

PLU code with 5 numbers, and with first number 9, means that the products is completely organic and it is not genetically modified.

Some of the fruits have no sticker, unless they are from local producers. Usually, imported fruits and vegetables are always labeled. If there is not sticker, there surely must be something suspicious with that fruit.

Take a look at the simplified graph that you can reference.

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