The world is still in shock after Trump’s win at the American presidential elections. Many people still can’t believe that he and his wife are now living in the White House, and all eyes are on them as a result. Trump and his wife are constantly gracing the covers of numerous magazines, and there’s one thing noticeable on those pics – Melania Trump always looks sad.

This has led many people to mock her and make memes, but some people are actually worried about her and are looking for the reason for her sadness. And, they finally found it recently.

You have probably seen the video of sad Melania who laughs at her husband’s jokes when he turns to talk to her, and is instantly sad when he faces forwards afterwards. In the background, her son, Baron Trump, makes fun of her gesture, and it has all been caught on the camera. The video quickly became viral and has surely caused a stir in the family.

This is the real reason for Melania’s sadness – she has become an inmate in a prison of gold, with subjects around her who aren’t appreciating for who she is. It’s really a sad story which is why she should be left alone

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