Most people who buy chicken in the store are not aware that even 30% of this chicken is full of salt water, chemicals to enhance taste and texture, and the waste of other animals.

Instead of selling healthy and nutritious chicken produces fill it with all kinds of liquid and chemicals, trying to get the poor quality of the meat into the meat first class. The chickens are not fed to be healthy and that their meat is juicy and tender, but in the race for higher profits they do everything do the chicken reaches the required weight faster. This not only deceived consumers, but their health is in danger, since such a chicken contains as much as 500% more sodium.

Perhaps the worst part of all this is that these manufacturers of their questionable quality chicken products are labeled as “100% natural”, given that this terminology is not legally regulated. As long as those substances which are inserted into the chicken are considered natural, it is enabled to indicate natural products.

Thus it is emphasized a paradox – a completely natural, organically grown food is special marked and emphasized instead it is done with those foods that are not. This fact leads to the illusion that it is rare and in fact this is an exceptional occurrence that food is natural and normal. We replaced the standard, but it can and should be corrected.

It is known that chickens are treated with antibiotics, antidepressants, acetaminophen and caffeine, and that as many as 20% of chicken are infected with Salmonella or Campylobacter, but it also contains arsenic.

What else is new?

Already in 2009 it was discovered that it is increased the weight of the chicken by injecting animal waste, such as bone and cartilage. Fraud is detected by the Food Standards Agency, using new medical tests because the materials that are added are so highly processed to undergo DNA tests. This is found in restaurants throughout England.

Other investigations also revealed similar to the processing of chicken often involves injecting proteins from other animals.

The practice of injecting water and protein to chicken is not illegal, and correctly labeled. It is also not unlawful injecting beef and pork proteins as long as they are labeled as “hydrolyzed protein”. These proteins are added to the chicken so could retain more water.

Do the consumers have to study biochemical faculties to be able to read to know what they are buying?

A large number of people consume chicken considering it a light and healthy food, it is true, if tested comes from local organic farming. Therefore, the only way to keep your health is to grow your own food or that you purchase from organic farming.

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