We all know that banana is one of the most consumed and most tasty fruit ever. So, if you are banana lover, then you should read this article. Because of their tropical flavor bananas are hardly resistible, but you should be very careful when buying them.

Fully ripened bananas have inside them a substance that is known like TNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor). This substance has the power to fight against atypical cells. You can easily recognize fully ripened bananas because they have dark spots. Don’t afraid from the dark spots, this is the right time to eat it because it may prevent many diseases. Bananas with the dark spots are good for the immune system. Also, the TNF`s anti cancer properties are very good against cancer.

Some Japanese scientists proved by one experiment that bananas are increasing the white blood cell number, generating the TNF substance and improving the blood immunity. If you want to increase  your blood immunity you should eat one or two bananas every single day. Many famous nutritionists believe that bananas which have dark spots are more effective than the bananas with green skin.

The results from one study has shown that TNF is very effective for the tumor cells in the body. Also, some nutritionists believed that bananas effectiveness can be compared to that of Lentian. Lentian is an immune stimulant which is recommended for fight against cancer.

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