Women are always thinking whether not wearing a bra will make the breasts saggy and shapeless. However, wearing bra makes breasts lose their shape over time. We will tell you why. The reasons might make you throw your bras away.

Bra support weakens the muscles while the breasts start losing their shape over time.

The breasts are squeezed and tightened by the bra and it hinders the blood circulation by flattening the blood vessels.

Not wearing bra will help you boost your energy level, make your blood freely flow, and also improve your overall health.

Make sure to remove your bra during the night in order to sleep better.

To improve your breasts health you should dump your bra. It will improve your muscles and skin since the blood circulation improves and the muscles tighten.

You will feel much comfortable if you don’t wear a bra.

If you discard your bra you will make your breasts look larger in a natural way.

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