Having thick skin, especially on the knees and elbows is such a good thing. Rough skin on these parts is a common problem for most women.
But you should not be worrying- we bring you three tips which will help you how to achieve a smooth and gentle skin.

Adequate protection. Dry skin is genetic issue, but certain activity can worsen their condition and appearance. When you lean on your elbow or you are down on your knees while exercising your skin is getting thicker in order to protect just like blisters do to our feet. Make a shield   in the way that you will wear sport equipment that covers these parts of the bodies when you are doing exercising.

Rejecting dead skin cells helps when is done with ingredients that can enter the skin easily and effective. Do scrubbing on your knees and elbows two to three times a week. If you feel pain or tingle that’s the sign that you removing healthy skin. Use less pressure during the scrubbing and do it once a week.

Better hydration. At least two times a week right after showering apply cream on your elbows and knees. The best products are the one with urea or milky acid in its content. The both helps in reducing dead skin cell and allow better absorption of the care products.

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