5 Bad morning habits that are making you fat!

The first moves you do after waking up are not only going to influence your mood, but it will also affect the successful weight loss – if that’s your goal.

The right nutrition and exercising are the key for successful weight loss. But, there are thing you do, and you are not aware that are making you fat.

“The biggest mistake that people do when they want to lose weight is to “stand up on the left leg” – says Susan Pierce Thompson, the president of the Institute for Sustained Weight Loss.

You overslept

The research has shown that those who sleep 10 hours or more, often have bigger body mass index than those who sleep seven to nine hours.

You are dressing in dark

If you are dressing up in dark after waking up, you are losing the weight loss possibility with the help of sunrays. The study, namely, showed that persons who sun bath in the morning, have minor body mass index than the others. It’s enough, according to the experts, 20 to 30 minutes of daylight that will affect the body weight, even when it’s cloudy.

You don’t make the bed

The research has shown that persons that make their bed have 19% of bigger chance to sleep better, than those who are going to sleep in an unmade bed. Because the sleeping is connected with the body mass index, which is enough to change this habit of leaving the bed unmade.

You’re skipping weighing

The leaders of the research from the Cornell University, followed 162 persons for two years and found that those who were weighing every morning were more successful in losing weight than the others. The experts recommend weighing in the morning, because the weight is on its minimum. By weighing, you will also follow if you’re losing weight, so if you’re not then you will have to try harder.

You’re skimping on breakfast

It is proved that persons who intake 600 calories in the shape of proteins, carbohydrates and something sweet are longer satiated than those who intake 300 calories. The effect is the same, because people who intake less calories are feeling hunger earlier, and they lose weight equally with those who intake more calories.

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