Amazing transformations! 5 inspiring weight loss stories you have to see to believe!

If you’re looking for weight loss inspiration then look no further! These 5 incredible stories will give anybody motivation to get fit and healthy in no time,
just keep reading, be patient, don’t surender and results will come.

Some weight loss transformations you look at and you can’t believe them, some shock you, some inspire you, some motivate you, some make you think they are fake or two different people, some make you want to run to the gym, but they all make you react.

Donesha Bolden

Donesha Bolden weighed more than 200 pounds and wore a size 24—until she received a phone call that changed her life forever. It was literally a call—alterting her that her 35-year-old cousin had passed away, and the cause of his death was high blood pressure due to obesity. 

Donesha realized these health risks ran in her family, and she became determined not to suffer the same fate. Donesha started waking up early to run 3 miles before work. Then she’d hit the gym or the track in the evening. In two months, she lost 30 pounds. She now weighs in at a slender 120 pounds and uses her Instagram account to inspire others to get fit.

Rosie Mercado

At one point in her life, model Rosie Mercado had 65-inch hips. It wasn’t until she was told by a flight attendant that she needed to purchase another seat on a flight in 2011 that she started to change her lifestyle. She signed up for a personal trainer, hit the gym six days a week, and ate lots of lean protein, fruits, and vegetables. 

Now, the 35-year-old weights 201 pounds and enjoys not having to worry about her weight getting in the way of living her life. “It has not been the easiest journey, and I’ve had my ups and downs,” Rosie says. “But when I compare my quality of life now to how it used to be, I know it was worth it.”

Amanda Fulfer

I was piling my plate high and finishing every bite, and then some. So I signed up for a meal-delivery service for four months, which was long enough for me to learn portion control.

Anonymous woman

My wake up call was a photo of me that a relative posted on Facebook. It was then that I realized my denial and I decided to make a permanent change. I created a blog to chart my journey and began seeking information regarding effective weight loss strategies. I found a podcast via a “diet and weightloss” search on iTunes. The Rebooted Body w/ host Kevin Geary was my gateway into the Paleo world.


Kate’s incredible weight loss story is truly eye opening and her figure is to die for! She lost 121 pounds in just 9 months!

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