Wearing underwear during sleeping is not good, both for women and men.

Are you wearing underwear during sleeping? You may change your mind after reading this.

Namely, wearing panties creates a fertile ground for skin infection, and in case of men it may be dangerous for their fertility. The solution is simple – sleep without underwear.

The gynecologist Dr. Alyssa Dweck says that she often advices her patients to sleep without underwear.

Dr. Dweck warns, if the intimate area is covered all the time, and if it is covered with a cloth that is not breathable, the moisture is gathering and the possibility for bacteria appearance is growing.

The gynecologist advice women, if they still want to wear panties, to wear a larger number. The time for wearing “granny’s panties” is during sleeping.

The men should be more persistent in not wearing underwear in bed. Dr. Brian Steixner from the Men’s Health Institute says that the underwear causes infertility problems.

“Your intimate body parts should be on the right temperature, in order to optimize the production of sperm. Bigger amount of bacteria increases the possibility of skin infection” – says Dr. Steixner.

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