Angelina Jolie was long considered the most beautiful woman in the world but lately it seems that she’s just a faint image of her former self.
 Rumors about her condition started spreading like wildfire and every magazine seems to give a different opinion on what caused her apparent physical demise, while the public just doesn’t know what to believe anymore. 

Finally, Brad Pitt, her husband, decided to put an end to all the rumors and speak up on the matter, making millions of people tear up on hearing his words:

“My wife is very ill. She was very nervous for the problems that she had at work, and even in private life, along with the children. She lost so many pounds. Yes, she is too thin. And all of that is due to her crying.

She suffered from severe headaches, heart, and lung and spine pain. She was very tired. She barely slept. And our marriage nearly collapsed.

From the beauty she was only a dull shadow remained. She had big dark eye circles and she simply stopped taking care of herself. I thought that this would separate us. I lost every hope.

But just when I was about to give it all up, I got the strength and decided to try to make things right, because beside me I still had the most beautiful woman in the whole world.

Once she was the idol of beauty in the whole world and I am very happy to be the one that could hold her and sleep beside her.

Then I started to give her beautiful flowers and kisses and nice compliments all the time. I was trying to please her in everything and gave her nice surprises every single day. I lived and I live for her. I deliberately talked about her in public and it really worked!

She blossomed and really loved me more than ever. I never knew that she could love so much. And then I finally realized – A woman is a great reflection of each of us, every man.

If you really love her crazy, she will most certainly love you back.”

It’s really heartwarming to see how your loved one can give you back your strength and push you forward, even when you thought there’s no hope. His words made millions of people around the world tear up and inspired many to fight harder for what they love and cherish in life.

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