Women who have small breasts and buttocks have always wanted to look great. Unfortunately not all women run with the same fate as many have small breasts and buttocks.

If you are one of the women who wants to make them grow easily you just have to stay here, read this whole article and follow all our advice to the letter. There is a seed known as fenugreek which contains large amounts of vitamins, minerals, proteins, nutrients and antioxidants. In addition to containing all these compounds it has been shown that these seeds possess more than 45% of proteins.

Now we will give you a list with all the ingredients that you will have to get to increase your breasts and glutes easily.


2 tablespoons crushed fenugreek seeds.

1 cup of water.

½ tablespoon honey.

½ tablespoon lemon juice.


Once you have gotten all the ingredients it is important that you put the water to boil for 5 minutes. When it has boiled add the two tablespoons of ground fenugreek and let it stand for 15 minutes and ingest 30 minutes before having breakfast. You have to repeat the process every day and do certain exercises that are not very tired.

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