he lives we live every day are very busy and full of stress and poor posture. They’re also unhealthy and that often causesback, legs, joints and neck pain. Sometimes, you even feel pain but you have to continue working, so you choose to ignore it. That pain only develops more and more until you can’t stand, sit or lie down anymore.

So, that’s why in this article, we’ve decided to present you a recipe that can help you!



150gr of edible gelatin

cold water

These ingredients will be enough to prepare a dosage for a month.


First, put 5gr of edible gelatin in quarter cup of cold water, stir it for a while and leave the mixture till the morning. Don’t put it in a refrigerator because the gelatin will turn into jelly.

Take the mixture every morning for a month, on an empty stomach. The first results and benefits will appear after the first week. You can repeat the process if you want, but after six months. If it tastes bad, just add yogurt, juice or honey.

This mixture is extremely effective because gelatin is gained from a processing a livestock’s connective tissue that includes bones, collagen, cartilage and tendons.

Gelatin is composed of proline and hidrosiprolin (amino acids) which can help in the connective tissue recovery.

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