Even it seems that your soles are clean, and the weather outside is nice and dry, there are strong arguments why should you take off your shoes before entering your home.

The research conducted by the scientists on the Arizona University, found the real image of what’s on your soles.

On only one pair of average shoes, they’ve found even 421.000 units of bacteria.

Among them, they have found E. coli, which causes intestinal and urinary infections, meningitis and diarrhea. They’ve also found Klebsiella pneumonaie, which is a common reason for infections. Even 96% of the examined shoes contained bacteria of scum.

Dr. Charles Gerba, microbiologist and professor explains: “The research have shown that the bacteria could stay on the shoes for long time, after they get contaminated”.

That’s why, don’t be lazy and take off your shoes before entering the living space, and from time to time, wash the soles with detergent.

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