Signs Showing That Your Blood Sugar Is High

Glucose is the main energy fuel for our body’s cells, and is usually ingested through the foods we eat. The levels of glucose should be kept under control as they may cause diabetes, a dangerous disease which is difficult to treat. 

There are 2 types of diabetes – type 1, when the body lacks glucose, and type 2, when the cells can’t use glucose properly. Diabetes is a lifelong disease which is treated with insulin injections. If not kept under control, the disease may cause damage to the eye vessels, eyes, nerves and kidneys.

Here are the main causes of high blood sugar levels:

Excessive eating;

Some infections such as the common cold;


No physical activity;

Over-treating high blood sugar levels;

Steroid drugs;

Excess stress;

Missing a dose of your diabetes drugs.

Here are some of the most common symptoms of hyperglycemia:



Dry and itchy skin;


Weight gain;

Slow healing of cuts and wounds;

Frequent urination;

Blurred vision;

Dry mouth;

Nerve problems;

Lack of focus;


Recurrent infections.

How to lower your blood sugar levels with food

The key to lowering your blood sugar levels is to eat foods that don’t have a high glycemic index. The GI is a scale that indicates carbs according to their influence on blood glucose levels. The lower the number, the slower these foods are processed in the body and won’t cause an insulin spikes. Here are some examples of low GI (0-54) foods:

An egg-0

A cup of hummus-6

A cup of broccoli-10

A mid-sized yellow onion-10

A cup of walnuts-15

A cup of cashews-22

A cup of yogurt-28

A cup of kidney beans-31

A cup of butter beans-34

8 oz. of tomato juice-38

A mid-sized apple-38

A cup of spaghetti-42

A cup of green grapes-26

8 oz. of pineapple juice-46

A large carrot-47

A medium-sized orange-48

1 grapefruit-50

A banana-52

A cup of peas-54

Here are some foods that have a moderate GI index (55-69):

A tablespoon of organic honey-55

A cup of brown rice-55

A cup of oatmeal-58

A cup or white rice-64

1 serving of macaroni and cheese-64

High GI foods (70-100)

A slice of white bread-70

2 cups of popcorns-72

A donut-76

Rice cake-78

Baked potato-85

A serving of corn flakes-92

50 gr. of glucose-100

Out diet has a major impact on our health and blood sugar levels, which is why you need to stick to low-GI foods in order to avoid further health problems.

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