Our mouth is a home for more than 700 kinds of bacteria, and a significant part of them are staying on the tongue.

That’s why is it important to maintain proper hygiene.

Bad breath

The first problem if you don’t brush your tongue is the bad breath. It occurs when a large number of bacteria is accumulated on the tongue, wherein bad breath appears. The bacteria that cause the bad breath are found on the back of the tongue, so it is extremely important to wash this part of the tongue for permanent relieve of bad breath.

Weaken taste buds

If the tongue is not brushed, a layer of bacteria, food leftovers, dead cells etc. could cover the taste buds and to decrease the sense of taste. If the tongue is brushed on every brushing of the teeth, these receptors will be back in shape.


The bacteria gathered on the tongue could expand even on the teeth and to cause inflammation. If the inflammation is not treated on time, it could cause a severe condition, or periodontitis, wherein the gums recede from the teeth and an infection could appear. The consequences of a severe periodontitis could be falling of teeth.

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