Cysts can occur in different parts of the body and especially in women’s body.
Medical methods are often invasive and painful and the real problem is that it often happens recurrences after medical treatment. In addition to that, we found and tried a natural remedy for cysts that is easy to make. The main ingredient of the remedy is aloe cactus.

Natural remedy for cysts


Half liter of medical alcohol (ethyl alcohol-the percentage is not important)

One pound of homemade honey

0,75 liters of quality red wine

Half kilo of coffee from chicory

150 grams of aloe leaves without spikes (the plant can’t be watered last 7 days before picking the sheets).


Put the Aloe leaves in a blender and blend, then add the other ingredients and mix well. Put the mixture in a bigger glass jar, then leave it in a cool and dark place for two weeks. Afterwards, strain the mixture and pour it in a glass bottle.

Drink a tablespoon of it two hours before a meal three times a day and never mix it with food. When you consume it all, prepare a new mixture and continue with the treatment.

People who have tried the remedy claim that the cysts are quickly gone, especially the smaller ones in the breasts of other female organs. Two doses of the mixture should be enough, and consuming it as a preventive measure is a great idea.

For children, you need to adjust their dosage to their weight – half a tablespoon for a child weighing 35 kg. should suffice.

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