Your Body Will Give These 8 Signs If Your Kidney is in Danger!

The location of the following vitals is right under the rib cage. They have a wide range of functions,
but the most important one is their function to cleanse and detox the body, filtering 10-150 quarts of blood daily.

This process is very important for our body because it keeps our blood healthy.  The kidney is responsible for the excessive fluids or waste materials in our organism. Besides regulating the levels of electrolytes, the kidneys also keep our bones healthy and strong.

The kidneys are also extremely beneficial for the production of red blood cells and stabilizing the blood pressure.

Your health will be in danger if the kidneys are in trouble and can no longer function. If you want to prevent the problems linked to kidney damage or failure, read the rest of the article carefully:


If you notice that your face is becoming bloated and swollen, keep in mind that this may be one sign of kidney failure. The swelling can also affect the joints and limbs. When the kidneys start to fail at their ‘job’ they remove less and less excess fluids which results in the unwanted swelling.

Urination Changes

You may notice the following changes:

Troubles during urination

Pressure during the process of urination

Dark urine, less frequent and in small amounts

Pale color of urine, frequent and in large amounts

Foamy urine

Frequent urination during the night

Rash of the Skin

Kidney failure is also connected with the waste buildup in our bodies. This results in skin rashes and itching. Your skin will look unhealthy, dry and irritated due to all of the waste that is piled up in the blood. You are able to ease up the situation by using lotions, creams and cosmetic, but this will only help you in a short term. You cannot solve the problem with these products if the rash is directly caused by the kidney problems.


Healthy kidneys produce a hormone that makes more red blood cells, which bring oxygen to where it is needed. This hormone is called EPO (erythropoietin). You will experience fatigue if the red blood cells lower their number. This can have a negative impact on the brain and muscles. This could also be a sign of severe anemia.

Shortness of Breath

This could also be linked with kidney damage even though it is a very common problem among people. If we have a low number of red blood cells, we will not provide the body with enough oxygen, even though the job of the red blood cells is to deliver the oxygen where it is needed. The harmful piled up toxins in the lungs are connected with the amount of these blood cells.

Taste of Metal in the Mouth/ Metallic Taste

Your taste to foods will be changed by the waste that is accumulated in the blood. This could also cause you a bad breath all the time. Severe change in certain foods or poor appetite can be another sign of kidney damage.


Another symptom of this condition is the ache in the upper back- more or less, that is the same area where the kidneys are located. Infections and kidney stones can trigger the pain even more.

Bad Concentration and Dizziness

Even though bad oxygen flow is a clear sign of serious anemia, it can also be connected to kidney failure. It may cause you memory troubles, make you light headed and dizzy and mess up the focus and concentration.

If you want your kidneys to work properly, you will have to incorporate healthier foods in your diet and consume foods or supplements that are filled with antioxidants.

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