10 Reasons why the beer is good for your health!

The beer is an alcoholic drink that people often drink, usually with a certain type of food, and it is most consumed in Europe and USA.

It keeps the kidneys healthy

The newest studies have shown that the beer is really good for the kidneys and that every glass or bottle of beer you drink will decrease the development of kidney stones for 40%.

It reduces the bad cholesterol

The beer fibers help decreasing the level of LDL cholesterol.

The intake of vitamins B is increased (B1, B2, B6 and B12)

The research has shown that people who drink beer have 30% bigger influence of vitamin B6 in their organism, compared to the people who don’t drink beer at all. Also, the beer is a great source of the vitamin B12.

Beer contributes for bones’ strength

The studies have shown that the increased amount of silicon in the beer contributes for bones’ strength.

Beer is great against insomnia

The lactoflavin and the nicotinic acid contained in the beer, could help you in case of insomnia.

Beer reduces the possibility of heart attack

According the experts, people who drink beer have 40 to 50% less chances of heart attack, compared to those who don’t consume beer at all.

It prevents blood clots

The experts say that the beer ingredients are preventing blood clots.

Improves memory

The recent studies have shown that the beer lovers rarely have Alzheimer’s and dementia, compared to people who don’t consume beer.

Decreases stress

A group of experts on the Montreal University have found that consumption of two glasses of beer are decreasing the stress caused at work.

Beer contributes for hair and skin care

The experts claim that certain beer vitamins are renewing the skin and decrease the possibility for hyperpigmentation.

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