If you drink water on foot, it slips quickly to the intestines and it’s not absorbed enough.

We often hear that we must drink enough water through the day, for about 2 liters.

But, have you ever heard that it is not same if you drink water standing or sitting?

It could cause gastritis, as well as kidney damaging.

You should drink two glasses of water in the morning, right after waking up in order to activate the internal organs.

One glass of water should be drink after showering, and one before sleeping in order to prevent appearance of stroke and heart attack.

You should drink one glass of water on every half an hour before meal, in order to encourage the digestion, and of course, one glass before exercising.

In order to compensate the lost liquids after exercising, you will have to drink one glass of water after exercising.

Drinking water is not only for hydration of the organism, but also prevention of diseases.

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