Girls Do You Know What Is The Purpose Of The Pocket In Your Underwear, Bobble On The Hat..??

Every day we use numerous products for various purposes. Some of these items have certain parts that are quite unusual and you actually don’t know the purpose of those strange and uncommon things.

Below you can read about 6 products that all of us use on daily basis and about their specific parts.

Do you know what is the purpose of a wicker ball cap or the small “pockets” of underwear for ladies? Read on and find out.

The bobble on the hats

The first ball appeared in the 19th century among French sailors. Back then, the cabins in the ships had really low roof and the ball on their hats served as prevention or better said to warn the sailors not to hurt their heads. Later, many other countries started putting such bobbles on knitted hats. In is interesting that today, the bobble on the hats do not have any important purpose, but still are there for aesthetic appearance of hats.

The hole on lollipop stick

Despite the fact that many people believe that the hole on the stick is there to prevent the choke – that is not true. Namely, the holes on the lollipop sticks are there so the candy can be fixed to the stick. During the process of preparation, first space filled is the hole and then the lollipop itself.

Why the trousers have lines

Lines pants are particularly important part of good business appearance. But, it is interesting that almost no one knows the reason for that.

The lines first appear in the late 19th century when Europe started the massive production of clothing. After manufacture, the pants were folded and after long journey into ships and trains through the oceans and continents, those lines remained on the pants. It seems that people simply hadn’t any choice but to accept the lines. That is the reason why lines become part of the appearance of pants.

Lines on the toothpastes

Are you one of many people who believe that black line on toothpastes represents that the toothpaste contains chemicals, while the green line indicates that the toothpaste has organic components?

Well, the reality is that these lines are bar codes. In fact, these lines have no connection with the chemical composition of toothpastes. Manufacturers explain that these lines are bar codes and are used by the machines that produce toothpastes, mechanically to cut the tubes.

 The small “pockets” on ladies underwear

Majority people believe that the small pocket is supposed to be used to hide something really valuable, but that is a myth.

Namely, this part is added for health reasons. This layer must be made by soft cotton cloth and there is part that is not sewn in order to be comfortable.

 Holes of backpacks placed on material like diamond

Originally this part was used as part of camping equipment for hiking, so the person could easily tie the backpack.

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