Since ancient times, more than 5000 years ago, people in China and India practice foot reading. Namely, they believe that our feet are mirror to rest of our body.
If you have any lumps, calluses or pain in the feet, you should be aware of the fact that they are indication that your organism is not functioning properly. For example, the arches are linked to the spine, and a fallen arch indicates issues in the back area.

Moreover, these people believe that our mind and body are linked and personality may be the cause for physical issues.

But is it true?

The famous reflexologist, Jane Sheehan explains that our feet show everything about us: starting from the function of our digestive system and even the state of our relationships. Simply by looking at someone’s feet you can see if that person is wild and adventurous or desires stability, order and harmony in his or her life.

In her guide, Jane Sheehan discovers what our feet say about us:


Individuals whose big toe is longer than other toes are smart and very creative. These people always have solution for their problems. They always see the things from different perspectives. However, they may have troubles to focus and don’t see projects through.

On the other hand, people whose big toe is smaller than other toes it means that they have multitasking skills and they can do many things at the same moment. These people delegate effectively and are efficient. They often use their charisma to influence others with their great ideas.


Individuals whose second toe is long are qualitative leaders. These people are very dynamic and creative, and sometimes are bossy.

People with smaller second toe are not a pushover and they desire harmony.


Persons who have relatively long third toe are energetic and ingenious, particularly at work. These individuals seek for perfection and they can achieve a lot as they are determined and have great energy. Their flaw is that their work can make them forget about love, family and having fun.

People with short third toe know how to enjoy life. They always find time to relax and not get worked up.


For people who have long and straight fourth toe, their family is most important to them. People who have curled fourth toe have an unhappy relationship with their loved ones. However, these individuals are excellent listeners and nurturers, but will be unhappy within the family. For them it is really hard to cut themselves off from other people’s problems.

People who have short fourth toe focus elsewhere, and their family and relationships are not that important to them.


People who have small little toes have childlike behavior. These individuals don’t like responsibilities and easily get bored. That is the reason why they look for fun distractions. These people are really fun, easy-going and witty.

Those people who can wiggle their little toe separately from their fourth toe are very impulsive, adventurous and charming, while those who can’t wiggle their little toe keep to their routine, they are predictable and loyal.


People whose, each of the toes is longer than the previous and if their toes create a neat line, are a methodical, precise and very practical. These individuals always complete what they start. They are a perfect employee and are great and loyal friends.


Individuals who have wide feet have solid worker feet and they are always on the go. They are happiest when they are busy and when they do something. These people should slow down and relax as they need a little peace and calm in their life.


These persons like to be spoiled. These individuals simply don’t want to bother with all the hard work if someone else can finish the hard work for them. They have a strong aesthetic sense and they want to see beautiful things around them.


Individuals who have high arches are independent and self-sufficient. They want to spend a lot of time on their own and others people say that they are anti-social persons.

People who have low or average arches enjoy the company of other people and are sociable. They want to have good time and they also ensure that others are having a great time with them,  as well.

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