This may be the biggest women’s problem, isn’t it? This recipe progressively and permanently solves the problem with hair removing. The hairs are fewer first, and then a few months later, they will completely disappear. Otherwise, waxing and shaving can be very painful and they take a lot of time.

It is very unpleasant aesthetic problem for women to have hair on their faces, but this shouldn’t worry you longer, because this recipe can be used either on the face and body.

Necessary ingredients:

Few walnut shells (not the green part)


After you completely dry the walnut shells, burn them. Pour some water over the ashes and you will get cream/paste-like resulting mixture, and let it stay for 12 hours.

Apply the mixture on the parts of your body by soaking a cotton wool in it. Do this treatment 3 or more times a day, until results can be seen. It is most effective if you let it act for 30 minutes every day in a form of a coating. After that, wash it thoroughly.

The results will be seen soon!