In our article today, we’re going to show you a recipe for an aromatic beverage. It’s an elixir that will give your body extra energy, but your skin will also be soft and smooth. It will help you get rid of that boring belly fat as well!

You need:

½ a teaspoon of cayenne pepper;

½ – 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder;

½ – 1 tablespoon of ginger powder;

5 tablespoons of lemon juice;

1 tablespoon of stevia;

1 liter of water.

Method of preparation:

First, put the water in a pan and on fire. When it reaches a boiling point, put it aside and leave it to cool down for 5 minutes. Put all the ingredients in a pitcher. Pour the water over them and stir everything well. Drink this elixir throughout the whole day.

The first noticeable results will appear in only 10 days! Use it until you feel the need to.

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