Most people aren’t aware of the benefits consuming beets has on their health. Not only do they have potent medicinal properties, but they also treat some diseases and conditions as well.

They are red in color because of the anthocyanins they have, which have powerful anti-cancer properties.

Betaine can also be found in this vegetable. It’s great for your heart, and it’s also a strong anti-inflammatory agent. Beets also contain some great minerals and vitamins, like copper, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, iodine and vitamins B1, B2, B12 and C.

Beets are also great for regulating your cholesterol levels, as well as boosting your blood flow and improving the liver function. They can also be used for body detoxification.

Anemia can also be fought with them. Your digestion will also be improved, since beets contain plenty of cellulose, antioxidants and pectin. Also, your liver will be less likely to catch a disease if you intake beets regularly.

Some athletes use beets to boost their stamina and endurance. They also boost the workout performance.

They can be consumed in many ways, for example you can cook them, bake them, eat them raw or make a juice. Their leaves are also beneficial, so remember not to throw them away, since they contain plenty of potassium.

It has been proven through many studies that reducing the sodium intake, and regularly consuming foods rich in potassium can lower the risk of stroke and heart diseases by 21 percent.

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