Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause for death at a global level. 

Excessive stress and unhealthy nutrition are the main causes for cardiovascular diseases. 

So, in order to stay healthy, you need to change your overall health: consume healthy food, include physical activity and try to relax.

If something is not functioning properly, your body will start sending certain signals. 

In order to prevent further complications you should pay attention to the symptoms that your body is trying to send. 

By recognizing the symptoms of possible heart attack you can prevent its occurrence:

Pressure in the chest
Pressure in the chest is one of the most obvious symptoms that indicate that there is certain issue with your heart. 

Unfortunately many people tend to ignore this signal. 

So, if you experience frequent pressure in the chest you should consult your doctor – immediately.

Shortness of breath
Medical experts explain that lungs and the heart are connected. 

So, if there is lack of oxygen in the lungs, the heart will not receive the needed blood and you will start experiencing difficulties to breathe properly and you will have shortness of breath. 

In such case you should visit medical expert as soon as possible.

Cold and flu symptoms
Medical experts explain that many patients who had heart attack, suffered from common cold of flu few days earlier. 

Therefore, if you have certain heart condition and if you experience cold and flu symptoms, it is highly advisable to consult your physician for more detailed examinations.

Dizziness and cold sweats
Feel of dizziness and cold sweats may be warning symptom that the circulation in your organism is not functioning properly. 

Poor circulation has negative impact on your heart and brain, as well.


If you feel tired and if you experience frequent fatigue, even after good and quality sleep during the night, the reason for that might be poor circulation and improper blood flow in your organism.

When the arteries constrict, the blood flow is interfered and proper circulation of the blood is not possible. 

In such case the muscles are not getting the needed nutrients and oxygen and that is not good. 

If you experience weakness that doesn’t go away, you should consult your doctor, as soon as possible.

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