Having a child is one of the most beautiful moments a woman can experience. It is true that childbirth can be painful and complicated, but when the child is born, all that is forgotten.
When they finally see for the first time, after waiting 9 months for their creature, the pain is forgotten. However, there are situations that require specialized care.

Generally, a baby is between 46 and 53.5 cm long, and 2.5 – 4.3 kg in weight . This type of creatures already in itself is very complicated to make them to be born. However, imagine how difficult it would be for a child to exceed five times those amounts. That was the case that the midwives had to face in an Australian hospital.

An overweight woman came to the emergency room because her son was about to be born. However, when examining the patient, the medical staff was surprised that the child weighed almost 18 kg . In fact, they were facing the most extreme case in history. Therefore, they determined that the best option would be cesarean section.

“In previous situations, we had already dealt with overweight women. However, we had never witnessed anything like what we were seeing . Without doubt, this birth will be recorded forever in our lives, “said the doctor in charge of the Caesarean section.

At first, the doctor thought it was a multiple pregnancy, ie twins or triplets . “However, we realized that it was a very robust and large baby,” said the doctor. “I’m sure he’ll be a professional rugby player when he gets older,” the doctor joked.

As we all know, being overweight is not good for adults or children. But it is even worse when the child is not yet born. This condition is known as Macrostomia, and directly affects the baby. Below, we leave you a list of possible health problems that may arise .


This disease consists of having blood sugar levels below normal (50 mg / dL). This condition can damage several organs of the body, such as the kidneys, heart and brain of the person.


Approximately 50% of macrosomic infants have many red blood cells. This causes the blood to become more viscous than normal . As a result, it slows down its flow and central nervous system functions.


This condition occurs when bilirubin is released and crosses the cell barrier that protects the brain. This permeates the brain’s neurons and weakens them until they are destroyed. This disease is known by the name of Kernícterus.

Respiratory distress

Generally, macrosomic children suffer from stress or respiratory failure.


Complications of having to go through the birth canal could lead to fractures. The most common of all is the fracture of the clavicle.

If you are thinking about having a child, take care of your health, and do it not only for yourself, but also for him. Remember to visit your doctor regularly to maintain constant monitoring. In addition, start eating healthier and perform at least 30 minutes of physical activity daily. If you have found an interesting case, share it on your social networks .

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