Good Morning! What Kind Of Coffee Do You Drink And What Does That Says About You? Sophisticated individuals drink cappuccino…

There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t likes to start the morning with a cup of hot coffee with milk, right? Because it is much more than a drink, it is a ritual, a time to think about what awaits us during the day, the time for comfort and rest. 

Did you know that the kind of coffee you drink is actually in direct correlation with your personality?

Dr. Gary L. Wenk writes in “Psychology Today”: “Coffee makes me feel good, because it can fit into almost any system of rewards that our brains developed.” It makes sense that there is a connection between the mind and the type of coffee you drink. 

Of course, a person who likes to order a cappuccino will be quite different from someone who orders black coffee.


If you drink espresso, you are a natural born leader. 

You work very hard, and also play very hard. 

Your Type A personality makes you a person who knows how to do the job. Your natural diligence is inspiring others, at work and in social life.

Obviously, a person who drinks espresso enjoys the taste of coffee and loves to have things clear and direct. 

Your morning dose of espresso is what keeps you going and keeps you a head of the pack every day!

Double espresso
If you drink a double espresso, you believe in logic. You are very practical person and not subject to fads as well as some of your friends. 

Like the people who drink regular espresso, you are very hard-working person. 

However, you do much better with clear, concise direction than the others. 

You give your best at work when your boss tells you exactly what he wants.

Because you like a double dose of espresso, you need a little extra boost of caffeine to keep you during the day. 

Your morning beverage helps you to focus and finish your day by perfectly logical order!

Coffee with milk (any kind, big, small, hot, cold …)
If you drink coffee with milk, you may have problems with making decisions. 

You are relaxed nature and as a result, you are not concerned about over-analyzing every decision. 

In fact, your nature is such that you do a lot of thinking and prefer that your imagination considers all the options in a relaxed way.

Because you drink coffee with milk, you like comfort. Your morning coffee with milk is just one of those little comforts that make life truly worth living!

If you drink cappuccino, you are a very sophisticated individual. 

Your sense of style is very sleek. Unlike some of your friends, you are not the type of person who likes crude jokes. You prefer to have things a little classier. 

Also, you have a very creative mind and your social nature makes you a very good friend.

Cappuccino is one of the classier drinks, so it reveals how sophisticated you are (or want to be). Your morning cappuccino determinates stylistic and creative mood of the day!

Ice coffee
If you drink ice coffee, you are very persistent person. You have a proactive stance and do not have the time for pettiness or drama. 

You’re very confident to express your opinions, and you think of yourself as a trendsetter.

As someone who is attracted to the icy beverage at any time of the year, the weather does not affect you as well as other people. You have a lot more control over your emotions, and you love to strut down the street with your icy drink in hand!

Ordinary black coffee without milk (instant, Turkish or from the camera)
If you drink black coffee, you run a minimalist lifestyle. 

You do not have distinct clothing or kitschy jewelry. 

You prefer direct access to the fashion and life. 

You are calm, although sometimes you can be prone to mood swings. 

Because of your simple nature you have a wide circle of friends.

Your minimalistic order is perfectly suited to your minimalist personality, and with black coffee in your hand you are ready to start the day without chaos or nonsense!

Coffee with cream (any kind, can be with milk)
If you drink coffee with cream, you have a somewhat dual personality. 

On the one hand you are organized and systematic and on the other you are relaxed and a bit messy. 

Every day you are trying to achieve the perfect balance between the logical and creative side of the brain.

Your minimalist side enjoys the taste of coffee while your spontaneous side likes the sweet taste of sugar. 

With your coffee with cream and sugar in your hand, you’re ready for a fun and productive day!

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Good Morning! What Kind Of Coffee Do You Drink And What Does That Says About You? Sophisticated individuals drink cappuccino… Good Morning! What Kind Of Coffee Do You Drink And What Does That Says About You? Sophisticated individuals drink cappuccino… Reviewed by Health Tips on May 07, 2017 Rating: 5
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