Stains from beer, from your table cloth, you can remove it with hot water, immediately after the straining.

The stains on the clothes you can remove with one solution made of muriate and shpiritus in same relative.

The stains from blood wash them immediately with cold water; if the stains are still here add a little bit salt. 

After wash the cloth with soap.

The stains from egg white, remove them with cold water. 

The stains from egg yolk make them softly with a glycerin, after wash the cloth with warm water.

To remove the stains from oil use a rye flour or talcum powder. 

Put the powder or the flour on the stain and rub it, then strain with cold water. 

After wash the cloth well with hot water.

Remove the grass stain from silk with cleaning gasoline.

Coffee stains can be removed with washing the cloth immediately, and then with soap. 

If the stain is made with white coffee use as glycerin.

The stains on the clothes made by potatoes remove them with some drops of baby oil and then wash it well.

Remove the bubble gum from the clothes easy! Let it stay in the fridge 1 day!
Glue stains, make them soft with hot water and then rub the cloth with vinegar. 

After wash the cloth well.

Fresh milk stain you can remove with cold water, and older with solution of ammonia.

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