Hair loss can affect both men and women. 

Some men might not admit, but this occurrence is embarrassing for them as well. 

The pharmacies offer a variety of oils or products for hair loss, but the most of them are not helpful and loaded with chemicals. 

That is why it would be the best for you to use some natural remedy.

This home remedy is very simple and it consists of an ingredient that you surely have in your home already – salt. 

The salt has regenerative properties when it comes to your hair; it removes the production of sebum and significantly improves the blood circulation on your scalp.

The stimulation of healthy hair growth is a lesser known effect the sea salt has.


Start by washing your hair in the usual way. Do not dry it, just wipe it using a towel. 

Take some sea salt and apply it to your head, massaging your scalp gently with it for about fifteen minutes. 

When you are done with the massage, wash your hair once again.

You probably wonder how is sea salt good for treating hair loss. 

The answer lies in its medicinal characteristics, which have been utilized by people for ages. 

The sea salt contains 82 essential nutrients and minerals that are great for the skin, including potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, chloride, bromide, copper, zinc, and iron. 

The salt also makes your hair moisturized, rejuvenated and revitalized. 

When you massage your scalp with sea salt, you exfoliate your scalp with it and remove the dead skin cells, improve the blood circulation and the regeneration of your scalp, and you also tone the tissues.

Repeat this treatment twice a week for two months, and you will solve the problem of hair loss. 

The results are incredible.

You will get a thicker hair with greater volume. 

Moreover, your hair is going to become smoother and brighter, and you will get rid of the dandruff.

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