This simple plant can kill up to 98% of cancer cells and stop diabetes

The plant is a common vegetable in Asia and has a name of bitter melon (Momordica charantia – in Brazil can be known as melon-de-are-Caetano), being very popular in the Okinawa region of Japan.

The juice of the plant at a concentration of 5% in water has shown a surprising potential to combat the growth of four types of pancreatic cancers studied, two of which were reduced by 90%, and the other in only 72% incredible 98-hour treatment!


I have mentioned in other articles about apoptosis, which is the body’s natural response to dealing with unusual cells – they simply commit suicide. The juice that induced death in several different ways programmed. One of these ways is the collapse of glucose metabolism by feeding sick cells, that is, devoid of sugar they need to survive.

Do these laboratory studies also serve live animals? The answer is a resounding yes”! Researchers at the University of Colorado-Dade apply doses in rats that would be proportional to humans, and showed a 64% reduction in the size of their tumors, with no side effects. This level of improvement goes beyond those currently achieved with the use of chemotherapy for such lethal cancer.

The university’s head of research, Dr. Rajesh Agarwal, pointed to the Chinese and Indian practice of using fruit in diabetes remedies. Seeing that this disease tends to come before pancreatic cancer, associated medical ideas, creating new routes to access existing research.

The dose used was six grams of bitter melon powder for a medium-sized adult (75 kg). The large laboratories and pharmaceutical companies try to find patentable petrochemicals that give the same result that God put this plant. They are astonished as such unpretentious plant can malnourished cancer without the complex chemistry.

At the University of Saint Louis Medical Center, Dr. Ratna Ray, Ph.D. and professor of pathology, led a similar research, first test in both breast and prostate cancer cells and then experiment on cancers of Head and neck , which although they represent only 6% of cases, are aggressive and spread easily, sometimes from the mouth, throat, nose.

In fact, after four weeks of controlled treatment in animals, the volume and reduction of tumor growth. The doctor says: “It is difficult to measure the exact result of treatment with bitter melon extract in the growth of cells, but combined with therapies and remedies can help in the effectiveness of existing cancer-fighting.”

Researchers have recently discovered that the metabolic syndrome is mitigated by the benefits in glycolic metabolism. Great news, not because the cancer is destroyed by a single method, and I think it should be multifocal: in other words, strengthen the immune system, detoxify, eliminate dental infections and toxic materials of teeth, alkalizing the body, body Oxidize oxygen therapy, and provide specific nutrients to give a particular “key” to the metabolism of cancer.

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