The health of our skin is crucial along with the health for the rest of our body. When our skin is healthy, it reflects through our look. Our skin looks smooth and fantastic and has a lovely color.

It is crucial to produce a barrier that protects us from the damaging microbes or the harmful environmental results, so we need to preserve a cleansing regular and keep it hydrated.

Our skin can suffer damage caused during the period of pregnancy or the direct exposure to sun, and then different parts of the body can end up being with dark color.

There many creams on the marketplace that guarantee amazing results on having treated every problem in specific, however these creams can’t be purchased by many individuals, due to the fact that they’re extremely costly. Here, we’re going to provide you ways to prepare a homemade gel with components that are extremely simple to get and it is very low-cost!

If you desire to protect and reinforce the health of your skin, here’s a homemade gel that will use numerous advantages for your skin. You will need only numerous ingredients and it is far more financial and efficient than anything that you buy on the marketplace.



100 gr of aloe vera gel

110 gr of oil of natural coconut oil (it should be in a solid state).

Vital oil of lavender, rosehip or vanilla.


Put the aloe vera gel and the coconut oil in a small container. Combine with a small beater for 5 minutes roughly, up until you get a homogeneous, thick and dazzling cream. Add numerous drops of the important oil and mix again briefly. Maintain the mixture in a glass container with a cover, in a dry location, without exposure to sun and space temperature.


Apply the gel on your skin after taking a shower, using soft circular massages. Leave it to act for 15 minutes before washing it.

The efficiency of this gel originates from the combination of the fantastic homes botn of the components have. These 2 active ingredients are actually utilized in the cosmetics to prepare numerous moisturizers, however you’ll also have many benefits if you use them individually.

Aloe vera will help you cure sunburns, fire burns or any other type of burn. It assists you calm skin inflammations, itching brought on by allergies or insect stings. It likewise helps you improve the appearance of stretch marks, reducing their size and pigmentation. It bleaches dark areas and hydrates the skin by enhancing and preventing the appearance of wrinkles.

Coconut oil hydrates your skin by acting straight on the cells, adds to the flexibility and shine. It is anti-bacterial and avoids the development of germs and fungi.

This unbelievable cream will help you remove all the stretch marks, wrinkles and areas!

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