“We are what we repeatedly do,” says Aristotle. Would you believe us if we told you that your bad habits could put your life in danger?
Yes, habits that have become a part of your lifestyle, and you think are positive. If you do not want to risk your life, avoid doing these from now on.


Our busy lifestyles have made us glued to our smartphones for hours, even at night (when our eyes badly demand rest), be it to tell stories to our little ones or preparing for the next day’s presentation. Our eyes need a hormone called melatonin that fights sleep disorders and assures proper rest to our eyes. The bright light of our smartphone arrests the production of melatonin. This not only spoils our eyes and impairs vision, but also creates serious health issues like depression, obesity, etc. And girls…watch out for the puffy eyes too! Wait… are you thinking of apps like Night Owl? They also do not help, because your eyes definitely need rest at night (and complete darkness), and no matter what, we cannot become nocturnal.


Consciousness is good, but if you are over-conscious about oral health and hygiene and brush your teeth immediately after eating, beware, you are doing more bad than good to your teeth! Dentists recommend brushing your teeth only 30-60 minutes after having food, as brushing may push the acidic substances in your food and drink deeper and closer to the dentin. This will not only damage your teeth’s enamel but also your dentin (the layer below the enamel) too. No wonder you feel a sharp sensitivity in your teeth! Avoid this habit, and you would be able to avoid messy appointments with the dentist too!


Ever since India became the capital to the world pandemic, Swine Flu, the advertisements of antibacterial soaps and sterilizers are ever on the high. So, why did we become so paranoid about clearing all the bacteria from our skin? Did you even know that there are thousands of good bacteria thriving on our skins that protect it by keeping the bad bacteria away? This skin flora, as it is commonly referred to, also immunizes our skin to a great deal. These antibacterial soaps wash out all those good bacteria as well. Therefore, use antibacterial liquids and soaps only twice a week. Use antibacterial on burns, cuts, and scratches.


Not every fruit juice freshly squeezed is healthy, especially if we are giving those juices to children or patients. Some juices are also difficult to digest. Some are strong allergens. Some may cause adverse effects – for example, giving banana juice to kidney patients and grape juice to diabetic patients may do more harm than good. So, consult your doctor before you think of consuming such freshly squeezed juices in large amounts.


Do not be carried away by the looks of these tight jeans on you. You must be thinking that you don’t care a damn about the reduced passage of air to your legs – you are not an ‘itchy’ person. But it’s not just that! We don’t think that you would ever wish to become demobilized. Yes! The continued use of tight jeans damages your nerve endings as it continuously presses against your skin and causes it to get numb. Numbness for a long while will eventually lead to demobilization.


Most of the perfumes that are available in the market are made out of harmful chemicals and synthetic substances. Remember how you grab a perfume with a strong fragrance sold at a low price? Explaining they are from natural products! Most of these products are toxic. It would do great damage to your skin for sure, but it would also create mild headaches, dizziness, nausea, and drowsiness. So, say no to headache pills, and also to perfumes, and replace your shelves with a fresh pack of essential oils instead. Welcome good health and bye-bye toxins.


Don’t worry even if you are in your boss’ room. Sneeze whenever you feel like is what we would advise you. Never close your mouth tight and pinch your nose to control your sneeze. You are unknowingly stopping the blood flow to your brain, causing a huge rise in intracranial pressure. This would also result in your nervous tissues getting compressed. If you continue preventing your sneezes, you would have issues like chronic headaches, chronic hearing problems, etc.


“Microwavable,” “could be used for freezing,” etc. might be your weaknesses for the plastic containers, but beware when you buy them. These would seem to be certainly convenient, but that’s not the real case always.

It is also a quality assurance of the plastic that you are going to buy. Always buy high-grade plastic that could be recycled. As chemicals like phthalate and bisphenol increase the flexibility and duration of these plastic containers, obviously, these are bound to have some side effects. So, switching to glass or steel containers for better health is the current trend.

A great woman once said, “When it comes to health, make no compromise.” Well, that woman is my mom, and she is always right. So, let’s make the best of what we have got and stay away from day to day habits that are damaging our health. Better safe than sorry, don’t you agree?

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