Did You Know That Salt Can Do This? I Will Never Clean Of Any Other Way Ever!

I like to eat with salt moderately, I almost always control it in such a way as to almost as without salt, but I do not fail to recognize how important it is to the organism.

Although in abundance also does a lot of damage, especially to the people who have problems of hypertension, but also the salt can be used for much more than just for the food.

Did you know that salt can do this? I will never clean it any other way, other than salt. Share, do not forget.

Clean with salt

Salt serves a lot of things, you can clean the floors and even melt ice, the salt is incredibly versatile, it serves to heal meat, when you put a salt food is not damaged, so it is antibacterial. There is the example of cod, is a fish preserved in salt, and if our grandmothers in their times did not exist refrigerators, they all kept in salt.

Salt is so useful and we have never imagined that it serves to solve so many problems in the house, in addition to preserving food.

Look here for the things salt can do for you, without having to consume it.

-If your iron is dirty, take a cloth and put a spoonful of salt, rub it well and you will see that it is shiny.

-Was the floor dirty with an egg that you dropped? No problem, put some salt and collect with a paper, then clean with a cloth wet and ready, there is no residue or bad smell.

-After a party, wash all glasses and dishes with coarse salt to neutralize any disease that can be transmitted, purifying the dishes of daily use.

-Bathing with salt water with baking soda discharges heavy energies and is relaxing. Put a good bit of salt in your tub and a good bit of baking, fill the bathtub with water and dive for a while, you’ll notice how much relief you feel.

-In Japan, salt is considered a powerful purifier. The more traditional Japanese throw the salt every day in the framework of the entrance doors to get good vibes at the start of the day.

-If in the kitchen or bathroom of your house there is dirt, put a little salt, leave for an hour, add a little water and you will get good results, salt removes the dirt wherever you are.

-The salt is excellent when healing wounds are treated, if you have a wound, put some salt, salt purifies, deflates and avoids bacteria.

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Did You Know That Salt Can Do This? I Will Never Clean Of Any Other Way Ever! Did You Know That Salt Can Do This? I Will Never Clean Of Any Other Way Ever! Reviewed by World Health Info on July 31, 2017 Rating: 5
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