Recently, an elder lady said we have to praise Gift of God plant. She had cyst In her breast and had to try nature for curing. A herb named Chaya removed the cyst in 3 months and she saw results 3 days after this method.

Chaya or tree spinach is growing fast, perennial shrub and from Mexico. Not famous, but amazingly healthy and the benefits are:

Regulation of uric acid

Regulation in cholesterol

More calcium levels

Better eyesight and brain work

No anemia

No osteoporosis

Regulation of blood sugar

No infections, sore throat, headache, hemorrhoids

Cleansed liver

Balanced metabolism

These are just some benefits. This plant can cure anything and also is eaten in soup, salad, tea…never raw.

Recipe for God’s gift tea

You need:

6 chaya leaves
2 cups water


Let the water boil and add the leaves, simmer for 10 min, strain and let it cool. Enjoy this cup of tea and have 3 cups daily.

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