Katie Garner was overweight all her life. When in school, she was always teased by her classmates. He was very ashamed of her appearance. As a teenager, she used to wear 3XL-size clothes.

Because of her weight, she lacked self-esteem and was self-conscious. When she did PE in school, she didn’t like getting changed with the other girls. That is why she always went to the toilet so no-one would see her.

Until 2016, Katie was too far from healthy nutrition. Half-finished products, pizza and fast food were what she used to eat. The girl even confessed she was not even able to remember how vegetables tasted simply because she hadn’t eaten vegetables for many years.

The turning point came in 2015, after the death of Katie’s grandfather, who died due to the health problems caused by obesity. A few years earlier, her grandmother had lost her sight due to diabetes, which was again caused by her excess weight. This was when Katie knew she had to do something.

Katie became a member of a slimming community. She shed half her body weight in a year. All of a sudden, she received an offer of cooperation from a modeling agency.

Have a look at her stunning photos! She has changed beyond recognition!

This brave girl should serve as an example to those who have complexes about their appearance. Nothing is impossible when you have a goal!

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