Do you have issues falling asleep? Then you are not alone, many people turn and toss before they sleep.
When this is chronic from too much coffee or sugar, you also get depressed and gain weight too. Do these yoga poses and fall asleep better. Even if you are a newbie and never did yoga, this is easy. Studies said they are healthy too.

First time, stay short in the poses. A minute is enough. Then with time increase.


Child pose- for knee issues, this is not good. For else, it is. Nerves, shoulders, back, belly, mind will be soothed. If the rear cannot get to the heels, get a blanket and fold it few times, put it under the bum, and let go. Stretch arms in the front and relax them at the sides. Set alarm to finish and breathe deep.


Bound angle- some say this is butterfly pose, lye down, prop on knees, put feet soles together and let knees fall to the sides. Many cannot lie flat. Knees are a few inches off ground. Arms splay at sides, breathe and relax.


Lye down, hold the knees and rock from side to side. This stretches and massages the lower back. Feet and legs are relaxed and shoulders melt to the ground. Do not make them tense.


Yecline spinal twist- lye on the back, prop on knees and let them fall to the side. Stabilize legs and hold the left thigh with right hand. Then stretch the left arm and roll the head to the left. Both shoulders are relaxed and repeat switch sides.


The fish pose- lye down, arms are at sides, hands slide palms down under the bum. As you glide them, press the lower arms into the floor and bend elbows. Lift the upper body and open up the chest. Hold the head up if throat feels strange and let the head fall back. Have 10 deep breaths and remove hands under you.


The pigeon pose- advanced pose. You will need blanket, pillow, book for under the seat. Seat cross legged, put palms on the ground in front and shift weight   to the rear. Left leg is sliding back and left foot presses the floor. Open chest forward, relax shoulders and have a blanket rolled under the right side so the rear is let go. This relaxes and flexes. Now walk forward with hands under torso and bend the right leg. Keep back straight and all the way to the floor. Breathe and relax shoulders and head, stretch groin and hips too. Do no longer than a minute and with time increase to 10. Switch sides.


As many have seen, this is amazing, relaxes and just cross legs, seat down and on a rolled blanket. Extend spine and relax shoulders. Set alarm for the time needed, a few minutes or more and breathe. Focus on this and when the mind wanders, come back and focus on the air. If you feel tense for something, just accept this and breathe, whether sadness, anger and more.


Seated forward bend-sit up, stretch legs and lean forward straight. Extend spine and bend forward. To focus more on legs, droop over the bent back. For back issues, include the whole body and back is straight, so bend down as much as you can. Even without 45 degree angle, do it. prop on hands next to thighs or knees and breathe.


Seated spinal twist- sit and cross legs, right hand is on left knee and left hand behind left hip, twist the torso and bend to the left. Breathe and extend spine with rotation. Switch sides.


Legs up the wall-get a wall spot and lie down. Prop legs on the wall and arms rest to sides. Shoulders melt down. Breathe. If you have a stiff side, go further to the wall and stretch. For lower back issues, have a pillow under the tailbone.

No more gyms or yoga studios. Just try these moves and start lighter. Do them for better sleep and stress removal.

And, yoga is not just something for a hobby, it is actually important and healthy, experts claim this.

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