Tia Wilson, a girl from Britain, woke up one morning with horrible purple-yellow spots all over the body.

“I had no idea what was the reason of such bruises. I had not had bruises for a long time, especially not in this extent, ” – Tia describes her shock later.

When bruises were still there after a few days, 37-year-old girl went to the doctor.

What doctors discovered was worse than she thought.

It had a form of leukemia. I immediately rushed to a hospital that specializes in leukemia, and began with intensive chemotherapy.

“When my doctor said that I had leukemia my world crashed,” said Tia.

Today, 6 months later, Tia managed to be cured of leukemia and regularly goes into rehab.

In gratitude, she began to collect money and donate it to a hospital where she was diagnosed with leukemia. Fortunately, she received adequate treatment on time, and managed to cure.

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