How to Remove the Small Warts Using a Single Ingredient

Fibroids are benign tumors that appear on the skin. In fact, they are benign tumors on the connective tissue. They appear like tiny soft nodules, skin growths with average size of several millimeters up to one centimeter.

Sometimes they are brightly pigmented, even though they normally have color. The changes aren’t malignant, but as the life goes on they grow and become more visible which is a big aesthetic issue.

They normally appear in middle age on the neck, groin, under the breast, armpits, stomach, eyelids or anywhere on the skin where it rubs. The fibromas aren’t rare because everyone has at least one fibroma.

They are causing serious problems when they appear on the places where the skin rubs, which is pretty painful. It could even inflame, grow and cause bleeding.

The right reason for their occurrence is not clear, but obesity and heredity are one of the reasons.

Luckily, you can eliminate them without bleeding and scarring with the help of apple acid.

The apple acid is considered as the most effective ingredient for this problem. It is also good in treating other health issues.

Note: you mustn’t use apple acid for eliminating fibroma on the eyelid.

This method is effective for most of the people.

Clean the area around fibrma with water and soap. Soak the fibroma into water for 15 minutes.

Then you should dry it.

Dip a cotton swab in malic acid and drain the excess.

Put it directly on the fibroma and put a flaster over it in order to fix it. Leave it to work for 15 minutes and then wash away with water.

Iterate the same method three times daily for few days to one week. The fibromas will first become darker and then catch crust until they are dried completely and removed.

Apply grease calendula or Aloe Vera gel, depending on the size of the fibroma or how deep it is in the skin because it can cause some damage.

It will not leave any scar if it isn’t deep in the skin and the method is done carefully.

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