Ann Cameron was an author for books of children and she became famous for her story of colon cancer curing. She had a surgery in 2012, June and then the cancer was stage 3. Still, this was not the first time she had this problem. Her husband had it in 2005 and died from it so chemo was not his cure. Ann didn’t want to do it the same way so she refused the chemo.

She told her story on a blog called “Chris beats cancer” blog where many people seek answers for issues of cancer.

In 2012, June, she had the colon surgery and refused chemo. Each day she improved and after half a year sadly the control showed cancer was back. It was in the lungs, colon, and stage 4!

Now, she dedicated herself to studies for this matter and stumbled upon Ralph Kalley that had skin cancer at just 26 and his story was of drinking carrot juice from 2.5 kilos carrots!

She did this too and started to drink it  daily, all day long.

She says after week 8, the results were amazing and cancer stopped growing, tumors got smaller and lymph glands were less swollen. After 4 months, she was back good as before and the cancer still got diminished.

After month 8 the tomography showed cancer is GONE!

So, the cure is that carrot is rich in fatty alcohol and pesticides of nature that kill tumors and carotene in the carrot prevents tumors to grow.

Ann even made a book by the name “Curing cancer with carrots”, and you can buy it on Amazon.


6 carrots

1 inch turmeric piece or ¼-1/2 dried powder

1 inch ginger piece

½ lemon peeled

½ cup water

1/8 cinnamon tsp

Get all items and put them in a juicer, alternate the carrots and turmeric speed and the ginger too, to juice them all the way. Drink with a straw and also add cinnamon in the end. Add water if you desire.

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