When Luis Ortiz (26) went to the doctor because of the ineffable severe headaches, and he was told that he has only 30 minutes to live, because it was found parasite in his brain.

Luis Ortiz from California came to the doctor at the last minute. He had emergency surgery because doctors found out that he has left only half an hour of life.

Headaches were caused by a parasite which was found in his brain on the scanner at the medical center “Valley”.

Ortiz’s neurosurgeon, Dr. Soren Singel, says Ortiz escaped death accidently and that had a lot of luck as he came to the hospital.

The surgeons during surgery removed the larvae of parasites which made a cyst in the brain, thereby preventing the flow of water into it.

Singel says that parasitic worms in the human body are rare and often occur as a result of eating pork, beef and fish.

During the operation, his memory was impaired, but he is recovering slowly with exercises for memory.

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