Whitening does not act equally to all teeth, such as having gray teeth whitening may be invisible, and in case of yellowish teeth whitening will act.

There are many teeth whitening pastes that contain small amounts of carbamide peroxide, and tiny abrasive particles that mechanically clean teeth and sliding on the tooth enamel. But you yourself can make natural toothpaste for whitening teeth.


Mix a little baking soda with toothpaste.

Take aluminum foil and fold it into the lane, width and length to fit your teeth.

Apply the resulting paste on the foil and place on the teeth.

Keep the foil with the paste for 1h.

For a visible effect put the toothpaste on the teeth two times a week.

In a relatively short period of time bleach can brighten even yellow teeth, and the effect can be visible within a few days or weeks, depending on which method is used to whiten.

Disadvantages of tooth whitening are not known so far, but dentists do not recommend too much teeth whitening, so would not damage the teeth enamel.

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