This food causes 4 types of cancer – you should stop eating it immediately!

Nowadays, the most popular food in the USA is definitely the hot dogs. But, you may not know that hot dogs are also very dangerous. According to numerous experts, they should even be banned because what they may do is provoke even 4 different types of cancer!

German immigrants are the ones that introduced the popular hot dog in the USA in the 19th century, but they weren’t so popular until two centuries later. According to the World Health Organization, processed meats all increase the risk of cancer and hot dogs are unfortunately among their leading suspects. The popular wieners are made of pork, chicken and beef along with other ingredients that are added to cut costs, but besides the meat, hot dogs also contain fatty tissues, skin, feet and other eatable parts of animals. Can you imagine that it can cause even 4 types of cancer?

All of these ingredients are mixed together to form a paste before salt, corn syrup, monosodium glutamate, nitrates and other cancer-causing chemicals are added. The Physician Committee for Responsible Medicine claims that regular consumption of hot dogs is as bad as regular smoking.

What increases the risk further are the nitrates and nitrites added to the meat mixture. They bind with amines to form nitrosamines at high temperatures, which have been linked to these 4 types of cancer: pancreatic, colon, bladder and stomach cancer. Hot dogs are so dangerous the American Institute for Cancer Research says that only one hot dog daily increases the risk of colorectal cancer by 21%! It’s quite shocking!

You probably know by now that there are also “organic” hot dogs, but try to avoid them because they also contain nitrites, sometimes in even higher doses than regular hot dogs.

Always try to eat a healthy diet instead of eating these unhealthy cancer-causing foods! Focus on fruits and vegetables! 4 types of cancer isn’t a fact that should be neglected, right?

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This food causes 4 types of cancer – you should stop eating it immediately! This food causes 4 types of cancer – you should stop eating it immediately! Reviewed by World Health Info on August 20, 2017 Rating: 5
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