Did you know what’s going on with your body when you drink Coke? Not many people care for the effects it has on us. Still, there’re quite numerous.  The “Renegade Pharmacist”, Dr. West Conner, explains all the effects of this brown soft drink on his website. Here’s what happens:

1. The first 10 minutes

The quantity of sugar shooting through your body equals 10 teaspoons (100% of your daily prescribed quantity). Your body cannot expel it because the phosphates hide the taste.

2. After 20 minutes

The glucose becomes very high, while the insulin is discharged. This causes your liver to instantly transform the available sugar into fat.

3. After 40 minutes

The caffeine from the Coke is completely consumed by your body. With the rise of the circulatory strain, the liver tosses more sugar into the circulation. The receptors of adenosine in the brain are blocked, so you don’t get exhausted.

4. After 45 minutes

The body discharges significantly more dopamine, and your brain focuses on the feeling of pleasure. The same happens when you take heroin.

5. At 60 minutes

Calcium, magnesium and zinc are tied to the lower digestive system thanks to the phosphates acid, and your digestion system is boosted. The immense amount of sugar and the simulated sweeteners add to the discharge of calcium through urine.

6. After 60 minutes

Here the caffeine and its diuretic properties take in (you need to go to the toilet). During this emptying, all the magnesium, calcium, zinc, as well as the sodium, the electrolytes and the water are released and lost from your body.

7. A bit after 60 minutes

This is where the sugar crush kicks in. you become lazy and moody. All the water from the Coke is now discharged, but together with all the healthy and essential supplements for your body. Your body needs all of these supplements, especially the digestion system and your bones and teeth. You have also raised the risk of diabetes, which implies wearing insulin pump as on the photos.

A great number of people don’t see what Coke can do to their body and continue using it, every day. That is why people, as many as possible, should read this and take some precautions.

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