These small red bumps are quite a common problem, but it is not clear whether it comes to rash, redness or pimples. Here’s the answer.

These growths, little pimples, whatever you call them, are caused by an organism, and it is a form of intolerance to gluten.

In fact, each body does not digest gluten in the same way, but science has proved that this is one of the forms of intolerance.

If you have problems to digest gluten, your bowels will “inflame” and later reflect on the skin. Therefore, the gluten is associated with various skin diseases such as eczema or psoriasis. These conditions are an indication that the immune system produces antibodies that cause dry skin and itching.

Each individual body reacts to gluten, so someone will be reflected on the skin, while someone else will have stomach problems, chronic fatigue or something else.

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