If you want to enjoy intimate relationship with your lovely partner, you should worry about your sexual health.

Something as simple as urinating immediately after sexual intercourse – brings great benefits for you and your body that help fight infections that can threaten your physical being.

After the sexual act, various germs and bacteria penetrate the genital and rectal and accumulate in the urethra, and thereby increase the risk of infections in the bladder.

In fact, it turns out that this is one of the most common causes of urinary tract infections in women, and this is why experts emphasize the importance of urination after sexual relation.

In addition, doctors say that unlike men, female ejaculation is not going through the urethra, so the only way to expel all those substances or particles that are entered during the penetration is through urination, so it is recommended not to forget this important tip, once you have sexual relation.

It is recommended not to rush to urinate and preferably – 45 minutes after penetration.

It is also recommended the use of condoms as a safer and more reliable way to protect against these infections and also from sexually transmitted diseases that can cause serious damage to your health and your partner.

It is important to know that personal hygiene immediately after sex is also crucial to avoid urinary tract infections, to protect your health and enabling convenient intimate life.

This is especially true for women who are prone to cystitis: vagina should be washed with water and a little neutral pH soap.

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