The aging process makes wrinkles, sagging skin and lines visible. But over time, each person wants to keep a healthy and young look. The first area that shows aging, above them all, is the area around the eyes. Tissues and muscles surrounding the eyes of old and began to fall.

Long-term habits and heritage are just some of the various factors, including aging, which make your eyelids began sagging.

This is really annoying, but if you want to solve this problem, we offer you an incredibly effective natural solution below:

You will need:

1 cotton swab

1 egg white


Dip a cotton swab in bijelance. Then close the lid and gently holding a cotton swab to take the egg slowly spread across the eyelid. Make sure that your eyes are closed while waiting for the egg to dry completely. If you want you can use a fan to speed up this process. Finally, wash the lid tightly.

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