Whatever decision you make in your life has an impact on your overall well being. Your habits and your behaviors will have a long lasting impact on your s*x life.

In reality a lot of what you and your loved one experience in the bedroom are straight consequences brought on from whatever lifestyle decision you made.

Things like failing to fall asleep, deciding not to wear a condom, eating junk food all the time and so forth can harm your performance in the bedroom. A weak erection, untimely ejaculation, infertility and sexually transmitted disease can be the result.

Here are 6  things you must watch out for:


Smoking in excessive amounts is very unhealthy and impacts your sex drive as well as your overall well being. This bad habit can considerably lower your sexual performance.


Whether you are overweight or underweight, both can have a negative impact on your love life and set you up for utter disappointment in the bedroom.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Ignoring these may cause you a lifelong problem and more than you can handle. As soon as you discover an itch, rashes, boils or sores or anything that is abnormal, please seek the advice of a doctor immediately.

Multiple S*x Partners

Having intercourse with a number of partners without using protection sets you up for potential trouble. You may get an illness that is more than you bargained for.


If you mast#rbate too often you may experience a weak erectio# or not being able to ejac#late. That in turn can leave your partner unsatisfied.

Medication Abuse

Medication abuse can have dire unwanted side effects, and this isn’t solely about managed substances like cocai#e and heroi#. Even over-the-counter medicine like management tablets, anti-histamines, decongestants, antidepressants triggers erectile dysfunction, orgasm points, and low intercourse drive.

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